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Ducted Split Systems

Ducted reverse cycle systems provide the ultimate solution for year-round home comfort, seamlessly offering both heating and cooling. These energy-efficient, zoned ducted systems allow you to select which areas of your home you want to heat or cool, and when you want to. Fully programmable and thermostatically controlled, they ensure optimal comfort in every season.

During the winter months, the system provides cozy, reliable heating, keeping you warm throughout your home. When summer arrives, the same system switches to refrigerated cooling, delivering refreshing coolness and maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. These systems can operate as a versatile stand-alone reverse cycle heating and cooling solution, or they can be integrated with gas ducted heating systems as an efficient add-on for cooling.

Revolutionize your home comfort with our cutting-edge ducted reverse cycle systems, delivering cozy warmth in winter and refreshing coolness in summer. Whether through our advanced heating technology or our efficient refrigerated cooling, we ensure you stay comfortable year-round, even during scorching summers.

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